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Participants at a recent workshop in Hyderabad expressed concern over the growing rate of air pollution in South Asia

The Supreme Court in its order of 4.10.1999 called for suggestions regarding emissions control from two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The EPCA, in its earlier report of August, 1999, has made a brief recommendation that on scooters, which are high emitters of particulate, suggesting that the norms be tightened further, and the next set of standards announced early.

How governments of several developed countries are cracking down on diesel

the European Commission's (ec)

The US state f Kansas decides to remove the theory of evolution from school currilum

The Green Party in France threatens to pull out of the government over the nuclear energy issue

A recent study reveals that air pollution levels in Nepal is one of the worst among South Asian countries

Tree trunks tell a tale of post war pollution in the uk

orissa's green cover has shrunk by 1,420 square kilometre (sq km) in the last nine years, bringing down the total forest area from 59,555 sq km in 1990 to 58,135 sq km in 1999, forest

Women living in a non descript village in Gujarat revive a defunct dairy, earlier run by men. Today, not only do they churn out 100 per cent profits, they also keep the dairy owners happy