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Pakistan plans to boost its measles immunisation programme. The campaign may gain strong grounds under the Expanded Programme on Immunisation. Several non-governmental organisations and communities

An improved smokeless stove has been found to cause less health complications than the traditional three-stone stove. The Stoves and Household Energy Programme of the Intermediate Technology

THE Delhi administration has decided to relocate 80,000 industrial units that were closed down for functioning in non-conforming areas following a 1996 Supreme Court order. The new site in west Delhi

Overweight children face a greater risk of heart attacks than those of normal weight, reports a study from the US Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health conduc

Satellites around the so-called giant planets in our solar system were thought to be of two broad types: large, regular satellites that are in almost circular equatorial orbits and small, irregular

The Budget has provided the automobile industry an incentive to destory urban air quality

thirty-two nations from across Europe and North America have agreed to reduce airborne emissions from three heavy metals and ban or limit 16 of the world's most dangerous chemicals. The

Environmentalists and local entrepreneurs in Bangladesh have appreciated some of the new measures proposed in the budget for 1998-99. They have hailed the budget as "eco-friendly'. The finance

The West Bengal

Supreme Court order dated 28/07/1998 in the case of M. C. Mehta Vs Union of India & Ors on vehicular pollution in Delhi.