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in a recent report, the Medical Council of Portugal said genetic manipulation of plants and animals could alter the environment and trigger health risks. "Rearing of genetically modified (gm)

A ban on registration of diesel run taxis in Mumbai is on the anvil

T ourist attractions in China will now be classified according to hygiene, communications, safety and

Scared of losing tourists due to the haze, the Malaysian government makes air quality levels an official secret

Over 10 million residents of Dhaka are now having to

Environmentally hazardous backyard smelting units swell as multinationals fail to recycle used batteries

A Down To Earth survey of the civil society shows that when it comes to the environment, no political party in India has anything substantive to offer. But the Indian National Congress emerges as less objectionable than the Bharatiya Janata Party

When nothing seemed to stop the desertification of the Banni grasslands, a government institution stepped in and showed the people how they can regenerate their land

An artist's rendition of the Lunar Prospector shows the spacecraft

after a three-year battle , the ban on British beef exports has finally been