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Statistics is only one part of the story. The grime combined with apathetic governments and poverty in certain parts of Asia and the craze to rapidly industrialise makes for an epic by itself. Environment mostly figures way down the list of official pri

A new bacterium can convert a toxic groundwater pollutant into a harmless hydrocarbon

Rapeseed oil will be used to lubricate oil rigs in the North Sea

environmentalists have warned that Nepal's Phewa lake could disappear within 20 years time if mindless pollution of its waters and unplanned

The Delhi High Court calls for alternatives to generators to curb pollution

Although free from civil war and out of the international spotlight at present, El Salvador is facing a problem that threatens more permanent damage than the war - ecological devastation. The once

A venomous Australian spider provides clues on how to make safer pesticides

in the recent months, water has become a major bone of contention between Israel and Jordan. Recently, a ceremony to inaugurate a peace park on the border between the two countries was

The Karnataka High Court recently awarded damages worth Rs 21,000 to a petitioner Muniswamy Gowda, who had accused a rice milling industry of damaging his health. The court ordered the state

The quality of air has improved in California after re formulated petrol was made mandatory