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Queasy students often pass out during dissecting frogs. However, all that may change. Using a virtual frog program developed at California-based Stanford University, queasy students can examine the

Pakistan has decided to lodge a formal complaint with the United States Patents Office against a patent given to a US firm, RiceTec Inc. on a premium rice brand originating in the Indian

The Delhi High Court recently directed senior government officials to take appropriate steps to control noise and air pollution caused by firecrackers during Diwali. A division bench comprising

Despite the claims made by the Chinese authorities about an improved flood management system, the floods in northeast China have killed 2,000 people and left 14 million people homeless. Analysts

Environment is degrading rapidly in the third world. Air pollution from industrial activity, vehicular emissions and burning of fossil fuels claims more than 2.7 million lives every year, as it

In the black depths of the night, a seal's extremely sensitive whiskers allow it to catch fish it cannot even see. Seals and sea lions do not use sonar like the bats. Instead, Guido Dehnardt and his

Loggerhead turtles are offering a lifeline to coastal dunes in Florida

As flood waters started to recede, the Chinese authorities began to count the cost of almost four months of devastating floods and draw up a plan to help millions get back on their feet. In

What makes a kid more intelligent than his peers? Mother's milk might hold the answer

Nearly all the states in peninsular Malaysia logged below their annual quota in 1997, primary industries minister Lim Keng Yaik said. "In the last three to four years, the states have kept to their