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Earlier it was "Green Forests are Nepal's Wealth", now it is "Green Forests are TCN's Wealth", TCN stands for the Timber Corporation of Nepal. Thanks to the politicians, the state-owned entity now

An accident at a steel mill in Spain has contaminated large parts of southern Europe with radioactivity, say environmentalists. The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council says scrap containing the

THE Environment Agency in Japan has planned to impose strict regulations on soot emissions from factories during the next financial year. This move is expected to affect about 200,000 facto-ries,

Threatened by air pollution from the Mae Moh lignite-fired power plant, the people of Ban Hua Fai in Thailand are fast losing patience. Hundreds of villagers suffering from respiratory problems now

China is fighting a "life and death" battle against rising floodwaters which have posed a serious threat to the country's oil hub at Daqing. The Yangtze river is flowing above the danger mark.

Thousands of chemical weapons, once abandoned by the military, are coming back to haunt Russia

Pierre Sikivie, physicist at the University of Florida in Gainsville, USA, says that rings of invisible matter are spreading out from the centre of our Galaxy like ripples on a pond. The last of

The world's first drug to work by smell is to begin clinical trials later this month. Kiotech, a UK-based biotechnology company, has applied for approval of a drug to alleviate anxiety. The company

It could be for your own good

The Sri Lankan government is introducing legislation imposing levy on all ships entering the Colombo port, says the chairperson of Marine Pollution Prevention Authority (MPPA). This came after a