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On an average, disasters killed more than 1.2 lakh people and affected more than 135.5 million people every year between 1971-1995. Floods killed the maximum number of people in Asia, particularly in

The forest fires and the

As of 1997, the world consumes five million tonnes of grain daily. To feed the world's human population of almost 5.8 billion - growing by 80 million people a year - production of foodgrains,

the Maldives may soon disappear

Sri Lanka's premier medical agency has recommended immediate withdrawal of a vaccine imported from India and revaccinate over three million children. Doctors say that these children received

The government has declared a state of emergency in Sarawak situated on the Island of Borneo, due to the hazardous level of smog that has enveloped the nation. The smog throughout the country has

The ecological balance of the islands of Galapagos is being threatened by population growth,

The Sikkim government has decided to scrap the Chu hydel project

pollution alerts have become frequent in France. Paris authorities issued pollution alerts twice last month. The first was issued on August 13, when a northwesterly wind significantly reduced

A soup of chemicals found in modern offices may be harmful to the occupants health