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Aquaculture has spelt success for the tiny island of Chilo6, off the coast of southern Chile. Such has been the boom that Chile ig now the world's second-largest salmon producer after Norway.

The fight to control the hibiscus mealy bug which has attacked sugarcane, coffee and cocoa crops in many Latin' Carribean countries, seems to he a losing one. Reportedly, the pest has spread

WITH the air in France turning out to be a potential killer, the government has decided to develop 'green pqtrol' by AD 2000. The bio-fuel will contain organic elements such as diester,

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is on a massive public aware- ness campaign against pollution, especially in urban areas. A new addition to its strategy is an electronic signboard (LED

The world's most polluted metropolis, Mexico City, had to perforce observe a smog emergency for three days in the last week of January after ozone levels shot up to 269 points - 19

Why are we and the universe around us made of matter and not antimatter? Scientists at last create antimatter particles to lead us on to a journey of queries about the :nti world'

A short circuit in consumer acceptance and a punctured technology compels California to backtrackfiom launching electric cars in the state

The discovery of a generation old plant extract used by Onges in The Andarnans has patent hungry profiteers jostling their way down There The question is, whether the custodians of the secret stand to gain anything at all

This report discusses the issue of smog and smog makers with shocking revelations on vehicular pollution.