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In an effort to save the world's dwinilling stock of fish, pharmaceutical and nufritign products industry are turning towards algae-derived polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Two firmis -

New technologies to detect concealed arms and drugs

Cigarette smoking causes increased risk of developing facial wrinkles

BRAZIL has been a favourite hunting ground for mysterious killer viruses. Unknown illnesses, giving occasion to much brainracking in medical circles, have been its bane. Four deaths recently in

The Clean Air Campaign organised by Friends of the Earth, Scotland chapter, is billed as a fun event with a serious message. Designed for everyone to do their bit of cleaning up, the campaign began

Bacteria that feast on garbage may provide an environmentally benign way to dispose household waste, say British engineers who are testing a new anaerobic digester -- that does not require air -- for

A new instrument to detect tiny polluting particles that vehicles emit

Endangered species may just about find a safe haven in the Arabian desert. Regional governments in the oil-rich Gulf have poured in billions of dollars into the transformation of dry, dusty

A new dam intended to solve a water crisis has, paradoxically, created new problems for the people of Gwadar in Pakistan. Environmentalists fear that in the absence of a proper drainage

It is a victory of sorts for activists in the oil-ricb Ogoni region of southeast Nigeria who have been fighting a long-sustained battle against oil giant Shell Petroleum. They claim that