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In an unprecedented development, the members of a gram sabha in Himachal Pradesh exercised rights conferred on them under the fifth schedule of the Constitution and disallowed the Rs 7,759 crore Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric Power Project

IN THE developed world, conducting business today is also about being environmentally accountable. Governments have imposed stringent regulatory measures. Multilateral bodies have created mandatory codes of conduct, which boardrooms must pay heed to. Inve

It has been a year since Anil Agarwal, the founder editor of Down To Earth, passed away. We remember him every moment. We work as his proxies. We work his dreams; they have become ours, too. His

A clutch of automakers to blame for almost all of the tailpipe emissions in the US

Fishing leads to fishy genes

Poor management of Nigeria's environment is costing the country around us $5 billion a year in ruined land and lost forests, an

New analysis of air pollution reveals the shocking effects of diesel emissions

Catalytic converters, devices meant to clean car exhausts, are backfiring on the environment

Pollutants in the environment cause dreaded diseases like cancer by mutating some genes. Scientists have begun to explore the human genome to trace these genes

CONSUMERS have decided to stop using products containing chlorpyrifos till more information about it is available. Even store managers are going to lay off these products for the time being. The