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19 Jan 2013

Fuel price reform is inevitable and necessary, but clean fuel and public transport agenda for health protection must not be derailed

15 Sep 2012

Not raising diesel prices would harm economy much more'

09 Apr 2012

Two monopolies. One private and the other public; one in gas and one in coal. Both equally disastrous for the environment. I speak here of Reliance Industries Ltd and Coal India Ltd.

Vehicular Air Pollution in Colombo

In Colombo vehicles are responsible for 60% of the air pollution load. The city is falling into the toxic grip of motorization. Colombo is in the grip of deadly dieselisation: the current level of diesel technology and fuel quality represents very special risk, as diesel vehicle fleet is expanding in a maniacal pace. Diesel vehicles are 45% of the total fleet that already use up more than 90% of the diesel fuel. The policy to under tax diesel fuel and maintain a wide gap with petrol prices is largely responsible for this trend in the region.

Bangladesh is among the least developed agrarian nations in the region, although since its creation in 1971 there has been some growth in its industrial sector. Air pollution and congestion has emerged as a leading concern, especially in major urban areas like Dhaka, with its large fleet of diesel-powerd vehicles. The problem is exacerbated by unplanned industrial expansion and poor transport infrastructure.

What happened to our right to CLEAN AIR! 
Our campaign started with blowing the lid on smog and exposing the smogmakers in a city where a person dies every hour due to air pollution. The campaign carries on to clean the air of noxious pollutants to make breathing easier for all.
Air quality and public health