A study conducted in 45 villages in the central Himalayas assesses the current status of van panchayats, an old institution of decentralised forest governance. It finds that locals are indifferent to the administrative jurisdiction of the forest in the course of their resource extraction activities. There is no quantitative evidence that they are exercising restraint while accessing and using locally governed forests. Collective rule violation appears to be common. May 3-9, 2008

Water quality of two natural springs viz., Raj Naula and Badi Naula located in the Kosi river catchment area of Almora city in Kumaun Himalaya (Uttarakhand) has been investigated. (2007)

Almora sees springs vanish, river die

In traditional water management, innovative arrangements ensure equitable distribution of water. Such arrangements are democratically implemented: the gram sabhas or farmer committees usually approve

The G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development in Almora, Uttar Pradesh, is among the few in the world that concentrate on issues related to mountains. Its director, L M S Palni , dwelt on the need to develop s

Non native plant species are growing at the expense of the native in Askot sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh