Wilting under pressure from the Centre and after constant raps by the Supreme Court, the state government has now put a step forward in stopping illegal mining. A special 1000-member team, to be christened Mining Protection Force, will be set up to curb illegal mining in the state.

The state has long been battling illegal mining right from Alwar to Jaisalmer but in vain. While the police had recently detained over 100 people in Bharatpur engaged in illegal extraction of stones, in Jaisalmer mining near the airport has become a threat to its existence.

After Panna's successful rewilding, Sariska is sanguine

First there was the Sariska debacle in which all the tigers were found missing in the reserve in Rajasthan's Alwar district sometime in 2004-05. Then there was similar misfortune in Madhya Pradesh's Panna Tiger Reserve in February 2009 — the wild cats became extinct there.

ALWAR: The state forest department along with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) would soon be relocating a tigress to Sariska that had strayed into the Sultanpur area of Kota from the Ranthambore tiger reserve.

A team of experts from the WII and the state forest department are camping in Kota to trace the tigress.

Repeated court orders fail to save part of the primitive mountain range in Alwar from mining

JAIPUR: Tracking of tigers through radio collars at Sariska Tiger Reserve will soon become passe as the wildlife department plans to monitor the activities of tigers and other animals through globa

Umri is the second village to be relocated allowing more space for wild animals

Almost five years after the first re-location of a village, inhabitants of another settlement inside the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan's Alwar district have moved out lock, stock and barrel, allowing more space for the wild animals and the existing population of tigers. The residents of Umri, village of Gujjar settlers, left last week for Rundh Mozpur, some 40 km away.

Alwar: A 50-member team that went to Kahrani village in Alwar district to stop illegal mining on Sunday was attacked by the illegal miners.

Chief Secy Asked To Submit Compliance Report Within Two Weeks
A central empowered committee (CEC) constituted by the Supreme Court condemned the Rajasthan government for its failure in restricting illegal mining in the state and ordered to take immediate steps in regulating it.

The instructions came after the Supreme Court passed an order directing the central empowered committee (CEC) to submit a report regarding the alleged illegal mining going on in some parts Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Supreme Court order on illegal mining dated 16/01/2012.

Giving relief to those selling and buying land during an acquisition process initiated by the State Government, the Rajasthan High Court has ruled that such sale and purchase would no longer be voi