Over half of India’s women are anaemic and one in every five is underweight, reveals National Family Health Survey-4 (NFHS-4)

In a stark and chilling reminder of the realities of life in India, the recently released family health survey (NFHS 4) results show that over 58% of children below five years of age are anaemic, t

Brain and cognitive development during the first 1000 days from conception are affected by multiple biomedical and socioenvironmental determinants including nutrition, health, nurturing, and stimulation. An improved understanding of the long-term influence of these factors is needed to prioritise public health investments to optimise human development.

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The tribal population In India lags behind other social groups on various social parameters, such as child mortality, infant mortality, number of anaemic women, says the latest annual report of the

Anemia and malaria constitute major health problems worldwide, especially in tropical countries with low resources (WHO, 2008a, 2008b; Black et al., 2003). Although there are several potential causes of anemia, iron deficiency constitutes approximately half of all cases (WHO, 2008a, 2008b). Other important causal factors include parasitic infections such as malaria or helminth infections, hemoglobinopathies and G6PD deficiency, traumatic childbirth, as well as other nutritional deficiencies (WHO/UNICEF/UNU, 2001).

Non-fatal outcomes of disease and injury increasingly detract from the ability of the world’s population to live in full health, a trend largely attributable to an epidemiological transition in many countries from causes aff ecting children, to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) more common in adults. For the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2015 (GBD 2015), we estimated the incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for diseases and injuries at the global, regional, and national scale over the period of 1990 to 2015.

Nagpur: At a women's health exhibition in the city, across 80% of women visitors (including doctors) were found to have osteopenia, low bone density, which leads to fracture in later life.

Itanagar: The prevalence of anaemia continues to be a big challenge in Arunachal Pradesh according to India Health Report (IHR) statistics which show that 63.9% of children under the age of five an

In a span of 12 months, there has been almost 20 percent rise in the number of deaths caused by sickle-cell anaemia in Gujarat.

The number of deaths in India during childbirth accounts for 17 per cent of such deaths globally