Recently, the Tirupati railway station in Andhra Pradesh has been awarded IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Gold rating.

1,500 families plan to back anyone promising clean air.

The green panel said it is the duty of the government to provide complete protection to the natural resources as a trustee of the public at large

Of the tenders issued, Andhra Pradesh has already received expression of interest for its 600 MW hybrid power project from close to a dozen companies

Between 2003-04 and 2011-12, India’s cotton output more than doubled from 14 million bales (of 480 pounds or 218 kg each) to 29 million bales.

NEW DELHI: Road deaths in India increased to nearly 1.49 lakh in 2018 with Uttar Pradesh registering the maximum spike in fatalities.

The official claimed that the noise pollution was being caused due to the increasing number of vehicles by 15 to 20 per cent.

He said that construction of such mega projects should not affect the forests, local environment, people and wildlife.

Anantapur best district, Simhachalam best religious place

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on April 24, 2019, has initiated suggestive actions for the formulation of action plan for usage of treated waste water from sewage treatment plants.