Supreme Court order on right to food dated 02/05/2003.

A survey currently underway in states to calculate the number of below poverty line households is being opposed tooth and nail by civil society groups under the 'right to food' campaign. They are objecting to the exercise on two counts: firstly, the crite

Switching entirely to LPG to meet household energy needs is one way of reducing indoor air pollution. It also has the additional benefits of facilitating convenience in cooking and saving cooking time. Although there are a number of reasons why many households do not use LPG, the primary reason is that the poor cannot afford it. The Andhra Pradesh government has launched an innovative, targeted subsidy programme - the Deepam scheme - to encourage the LPG consumption among low-income households.

Should local communities pay for Western notions of global benefit ?

Distinctly different from the biotechnology policies of other nations, Nepal's newly drafted policy focuses on poverty alleviation. The policy would aim to enhance the quality of life of the Nepalese

An inconclusive Bali PrepCom meet only takes confusion and procrastination to Rio 10

Supreme Court order on Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS) dated 28/11/2001 in the matter of People's Union for Civil Liberties Vs
Union of India & Ors.

SHILLONG, June 23: Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of Finance Dr Mukul Sangma today placed the Budget estimate of the State for the current fiscal that is expected to close with a deficit of Rs 400,31,25,640.