This article studies the development of the Non-Pesticidal Management Project (NPM) that emerged in the late 1980s in Andhra Pradesh's Warangal district of the semi-arid region Telengana as a response to accumulating agrarian distress, when chemical pesticides did not help to counter massive pest infestations.

Poor access to appropriate technologies due to difficult topographies and tough mountain conditions is one of the major causes of poverty, drudgery and natural resources degradation not only in the Indian Central Himalaya, but also in other parts of the Hindu-Kush Himalaya. Of late, deve-

A treadle water pump paid for by offsets has the power to transform poor communities.

In Madina village, outside Accra, Ghana, children tease each other about whose urine has a redder color. Apart from being strikingly thin, they look healthy. Yet they could be affected by Schistosoma haematobium, a parasitic disease common in Africa, where local prevalence rates can exceed 50%. Early diagnosis ensures inexpensive and effective treatment and prevents stunted growth and developmental disabilities in children and bladder cancer or other organ damage in adults (3).

We need a new economy that encourages entrepreneurs to bring to the market innovations inspired by the way ecosystems work and modelled on blue earth, says Gunter Pauli.

Gravity makes water run downhill, so people and communities living in mountainous areas often have more difficulties in accessing sufficient water. As this example from the Philippines shows, simple technologies can be a great help

The paper examines the influence of technological innovations on employment and labour productivity growth of a sample of 72 small and medium enterprises in the auto component sector of Bangalore. Innovative SMEs, engaged in both product and process innovations, could achieve a considerable increase in their sales and employment during 2001-02 to 2005-06.

The fonio-husking machine, invented by Rolex Laureate and mechanical engineer Sanoussi Diakite, is helping prevent a delicious, West African cereal from disappearing. His machine is liberating villagers, especially women, from the traditional, labour-intensive process of preparing fonio by hand.

Two Laureates of the Rolex Awards, one from the United States, the other from the Philippines, will team up in a bid to devise a fast-track solution to help overcome one of the major drivers of global climate change.

The popular three-wheeled vehicles known as auto rickshaws are common in Asian cities where due to their older two stroke engines they have been significant contributors to the current air quality issues that plague the urban areas. Recent changes to four-stroke engines as well as those powered by diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) reduce the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. However, because of the large number of vehicles emission of such vehicles is still an important issue.