The 2014 edition of World Bank’s Little Green Data Book released on World Environment Day 2014, includes a new indicator called change in wealth per capita for more than 200 countries. According to data compiled by this report, global rate of the natural wealth depletion in a year is 45 per cent, which is the cost of GDP-based growth.

This working paper examines the implications of doubling aquaculture production between now and 2050, and offers recommendations to ensure that aquaculture growth contributes to a sustainable food future.

Though Kerala is leading in the production and export of fish, aqua farming in the interior parts of the state has not grown proportionate to its potential, said Fisheries Minister K Babu.

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High hopes for fishing hitting sustainable levels as rise in aquaculture decreases over-exploitation of wild stocks

The fisheries and aquaculture sector – a vital source of livelihoods, nutritious food and economic opportunities – has a key role to play in meeting one of the world’s greatest challenges: feedi

The Ernakulam district panchayat has approved a plan to launch new aquaculture farms on 67 hectares during the current financial year under the guidance of the District Aquaculture Development Agen

This draft fisheries policy released by Odisha government is aimed at bridging the gap between the demand and supply of fish for domestic consumption, encouraging public private partnership (PPP) investment in fisheries sector and tapping the untapped potential of aquaculture to ensure food and nutritional security. Read text of the policy.

This FAO report contains a selection of current and recent climate change adaptation activities and measures in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. These examples provide an overview of the types of adaptation activities and programmes rather than a comprehensive review of adaptation activities addressing fisheries and/or aquaculture.

Though Tamil Nadu has a long coastline and a good fish catch, maintaining quality of the catch is a serious issue.

A two-day seminar on developing fisheries in water-deficient regions got under way here on Tuesday. It aims to find various ways to enthuse the government into developing policies that address the concerns of fish farmers.