Energy efficient agriculture of the Apatanis

For good or for worse

Ritual offering, survival food, index of sophistication: what s pagan about northeast India s penchant for wild meat?

After neglecting the north east for years, Delhi now feels the need to initiate developmental activities in the region. There is good reason. Indo Chinese ties are improving. Moreover, a sub regional economic grouping comprising India, China, Myanmar

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE OF ARUNACHAL AGRICULTURE Edited by K A Singh . Published by ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region . Guwahati . 2002 . 371 pages

Jhum farming destroys forest cover in northeast India

a tidal wave along the Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh has claimed the lives of at least 26 persons. The death toll is expected to rise. The wave has also caused large-scale destruction.

Acquiring prime forest land near town and highway and then selling it at an exorbitant price has become routine in the state

THE SUBANSIRI hydel project in Arunachal Pradesh may not take off as the ministry of environment and forests feels it will cause irreparable damage to the biodiversity of the region. This contrasts

About 90 per cent of Arunachal Pradesh"s revenue is generated by its forests. Yet these very forests are under heavy pressure, thanks to the lucrative and often illegal timber trade thriving under political patronage