NO ONE understands the value and significance of natural resources better than traditional societies. A realisation of the importance of these resources coupled with animistic beliefs may be the

Multinational toba-cco companies faced with shrinking markets and increasing restrictions in the industrialised world, are wooing consumers throughout the newly-opened econo-mies of Loas, Cam-bodia,

A weak environmental regime in Brazil allows free rein to Asian logging companies to plunder through the Amazon forests

Copper bracelets are currently

A WHO report on Southeast Asia blames poverty for the rot

East Asian countries could be in for trouble if they continue to pursue developmental policies that are not eco friendly

THE environment crisis which is threatening to engulf us has forced the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to do a rethink on how to save the natural resources. In a recent two-day

Development in the small farm sector holds the key to a holistic progress in the Asia Pacific countries

MAJOR rice and water crises await Asian countries in the next 30 years, the International Rice Research Institute (iARi) reports. It predicts acute shortages of rice unless anti-pollution and

THE Asian tigers are imperilled; the booming economies of Asia are facing imminent collapse due to the threat of an AIDS epidemic. Medical experts, academics and social workers attending the