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The global atmospheric circulation transports energy from the equatorial regions to higher latitudes through a poleward flow of high-energy and -entropy parcels and an equatorward flow of air with lower energy and entropy content. Because of its turbulent nature, this circulation can only be described in some averaged sense.

Molecular chlorine (Cl2) is an important yet poorly understood trace constituent of the lower atmosphere. Although a number of mechanisms have been proposed for the conversion of particle-bound chloride (Cl-) to gas-phase Cl2, the detailed processes involved remain uncertain.

This study examines the annual, seasonal and diurnal variations in the ambient concentrations of ozone at a suburban site of Varanasi, India, during 2002-2006. Prominent seasonal variations in ozone concentrations were recorded. Ozone concentrations were higher during the warmer months.

Anantapur, July 27: The cloud seeding experiment to be conducted from Anantapur was postponed again by two days. The cloud seeding, which was to be launched on July 24 was initially postponed to July 27 as Agni Aviation Agency, which has entered into an agreement with the state government on conducting the experiment, failed to set up radar station.

The ratio of stable oxygen isotopes in tree-ring cellulose was first used to reconstruct temperatures during tree growth, and a seminal study showed a strong correlation between oxygen isotopes of woody tissue and mean annual temperature.

During the growing season, with photosynthesis at its peak, leaf temperatures remain constant over a wide latitudinal range. This is a finding that overturns a common assumption and has various ramifications.

DH News Service, Hubli:

Former minister and senior Congress leader H K Patil will soon meet Primary Minister Manmohan Singh and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and appeal them to take up cloud seeding in different parts of the country to save farmers from continuous droughts. Speaking to media persons here on Monday, Mr Patil said there was an urgent need for exploring the modern technology to bail out farmers, especially living in drought-prone areas, who were suffering due to lack of rains.

Visakhapatnam July 17: The district administration is yet to take up the cloud seeding project for the region though it has been cleared by the state government recently. Cloud seeding would be carried out in Raiwada region as per the government orders. In its order the state asked the collector to consult Prof. T. Sivaji Rao, director of Environmental studies, and his associates who had earlier carried cloud seeding successfully in the district.

Dinitrogen (N2) fixation is widely recognized as an important process in controlling ecosystem responses to global environmental change, both today and in the past; however, significant discrepancies exist between theory and observations of patterns of N2 fixation across major sectors of the land biosphere.