Geologists have found evidence supporting the hypothesis that Indian subcontinent was part of Antarctica a billion years ago but were separated and re-united several times due to tectonic movement

The State of the Climate report series is the authoritative annual summary of the global climate. Published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, the report is edited by scientists at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

India's weather office on Monday retained its forecast for an above-average monsoon this year, boosting hopes of a rise in farm output and income after two years of drought.

A La Nina event, which affects rainfall and temperatures in the tropics, may develop in the third quarter of the year but it is likely to be weak and far less intense that El Nino that ended in May

We present estimates for an upper limit for twenty-year return-values for 24-hr precipitation at different locations in Europe and a crude method to quantify bounds of likely intervals. Our results suggest an increase by as much as 40–50 % projected for 2100, assuming a high emission scenario, RCP8.5.

Below-normal temperatures are expected in Britain and parts of Norway, France and Germany from August to October, with higher than average temperatures across the rest of Europe, The Weather Compan

DEAD SEA, ISRAEL - JULY 16: (ISRAEL OUT) Visiting tourists covered with rejuvenating mineral mud relax during a hot summer's day July 16, 2007 at the Dead Sea in southern Israel.

Japan will see mostly warmer weather from August to October, the official forecaster said on Monday.

June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe. Average sea surface temperature was also record high, Persistent heat on land and in the sea this June shattered records, yet again.

The representation of land surface processes and fluxes in climate models critically affects the simulation of near-surface climate over land. Here we present an evaluation of COSMO-CLM2, a model which couples the COSMO-CLM Regional Climate Model to the Community Land Model (CLM4.0). CLM4.0 provides a more detailed representation of land processes compared to the native land surface scheme in COSMO-CLM. We perform historical reanalysis-driven simulations over Europe with COSMO-CLM2 following the EURO-CORDEX intercomparison protocol.