Precipitation associated with the South Asian summer monsoon has decreased by approximately 7% since 1950, but the reasons for this are unclear. Now research suggests that changes in land-cover patterns and increased emissions from human activities have contributed to this weakening, which is expected to continue in the coming decades.

This synthesis report brings together the various components from the pilot study on climate vulnerability, hazards and risk, completed for Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh.

From rain, hail and soaring temperatures to a tornado - this year's weather had it all.

Long-standing weather records have been smashed by a stormy, yet warm December, the Met Office's early figures suggest.

MONTREAL – Temperatures at the North Pole rose above the freezing point Wednesday, 20 degrees Celsius above the midwinter norm and the latest abnormality in a season of odd weather.

Mesoscale atmospheric circulations play an important role in the transport of air pollution and local air quality issues. The planetary boundary layer (PBL), the thermo-dynamical structure and the flow field play an important role in air pollution dispersion. Hence, the PBL parameters over Nagpur, India are simulated using the ARW v. 3.6.1 mesoscale model.

The warming of the Pacific Ocean caused by the El Niño climate event is “causing havoc” among marine animals off California’s coast, with unprecedented numbers of dead or starving seals being washe

El Niño is one of the most predictable climate events on the planet, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, but it also has a way of keeping climate scientists guessin

The US space agency Nasa has warned that the effects of the current El Nino weather phenomenon could be as bad as those of 1998, the strongest on record.

The annual average temperature in the Netherlands in 2015 was among the highest since 1901, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) announced on Wednesday.