INFUSING public interest messages into soap operas, television's most popular programmes, requires a delicate balance between entertainment and education. The telenovellas of Mexico's Televisa and

This collection of illustrations is the first of that dream series. It contains 125 scientifically accurate and artistically appealing drawings, comparable with the best in the world, of the mammals of India.


• Parkland Medical Center in Derry, the US, has been honoured for becoming mercury-free. It got the

• The film, Cherub of the Mist follows two zoo-bred pandas as they become the first ever released in the Singalila National Park in China. It reveals the mating, nest-building and rearing of new-born cubs.

from the largest land animal to the tiniest insect, from the lazing tiger to warring antelopes, from the floating clouds to the rippling waters nature in its tremendous diversity has been

THE Resource Art exhibition at New Delhi's Max Mueller Bhavan took a lateral -- often oblique -- view of the interaction between people and nature. Based on a show of contemporary Installation Art in

"TO BE or not to be": one is immediately struck by the stark bipolarity suggested by the title. The show, presented by Max Mueller Bhavan and the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature, is about the

The first episode of an S&T serial on STAR Plus takes a hard look at the havoc caused by lead emissions and strategies to counter this.