Collaboration between General Motors and the Reva Electric Car Co. will for the first time make battery-operated cars widely available in India. Under the tie-up with GM, the Spark will go electric using Reva technology. The Reva will continue to be produced as a separate car. Both cars will be available at all GM dealerships.

Between 2010 and 2012, car manufacturers are planning to introduce dozens of models that are either partially or completely powered by rechargeable batteries.

Maruti Suzuki Close To Developing Engine That Runs On MPFI Technology In Both CNG & Petrol Modes
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Super-streamlining, pothole power and heat recycling: a spate of innovation is about to transform diesel-guzzling trucks into green giants.

A senior leader of the Delhi BJP, Vijender Gupta, demanded that the Delhi government should issue a white paper on the purchase of low-floor buses in the Capital.

The high court on Monday directed the government to allow conversion of a two-stroke autorickshaw to battery mode. The private firm doing the switchover would send the three-wheeler to the Automotive Research Association of India to ascertain its feasibility, the court added.

A concept car that attempts to sidestep the three main hurdles to the dream of hydrogen-fuelled highways was unveiled in London this week.

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