Legislators in the European Parliament backed plans on Thursday to limit the maximum sulfur content of shipping fuels to 0.1 percent in some cases, meaning ships would need to switch fuels or be fi

Indian shipping companies, reeling under low freight rates and high fuel prices, will face further cost pressure due to new emission norms set by International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Germany on Monday launched its first commercial-size wind power park in the Baltic Sea, adding to some small existing capacity in the North Sea, operator EnBW said.

The 48.3 megawatt unit called Baltic 1, which is some 16 kilometers north of the Darss/Zingst peninsula, has started feeding power into the national grid, the utility said.

Baltic 1, which took three years to build and can supply

Chemical warfare agents (CWA) represent environmental legacy contaminants as production and subsequent dumping of CWA typically occurred decades ago.

This text of the Brussels European Council Presidency Conclusions states EU position with regards to the Copenhagen Climate Conference.Says that EU is committed to take a decision to move to a 30% reduction by 2020 compared to 1990 levels, as its conditional offer to a global and comprehensive agreement for the period beyond 2012.

This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 12th Biennial Conference of the Euromediterranean Network of Representative and Experimental Basins (ERB) held in Krakow, Poland, from 18-20 September 2008.

Marine litter is a global concern affecting all the oceans of the world. It poses environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problems that are rooted in poor solid waste management practices, lack of infrastructure, indiscriminate human activities and behaviours and an inadequate understanding on the part of the public of the potential consequences of their actions.


Miles from shore in the open Caribbean Sea, cruise ships are dumping ground-up glass, rags and cardboard packaging. But vessels in other waters such as the Baltic and North seas are prohibited from throwing any solid waste overboard other than food scraps.

Ozeaneum, an ambitious oceanography museum opened its doors to the public in the north-eastern German port town of Stralsund on July 12. It contains 39 huge fish tanks and seven life-size models of whales. Ozeaneum is an architecturally dramatic extension to the existing Oceanography Museum in Stralsund, a town on the Baltic Coast. It focuses, in particular, on the world

EU Cuts Poland Cod Quota After Overfishing In 2007 LUXEMBOURG: April 15, 2008 LUXEMBOURG - European Union ministers agreed on Monday to reduce Poland's annual allowances over four years for fishing cod in the eastern Baltic Sea as pay back for busting the quota in 2007, officials said on Monday. The decision ends months of angry exchanges between Warsaw and Brussels over whether Poland caught too much cod last year. At one point, Poland even filed a lawsuit against the European Commission, which administers quotas, at the EU's highest court.