AHMEDABAD: Bananas you eat every morning before hitting the gym or offer to your child as a good source of calcium to build bones and teeth may be laced with harmful chemicals.

LUCKNOW: In what could come as a major relief to banana traders in the state, the Centre has finally cleared the air on which chemicals qualify as `safe' for artificially ripening bananas.

With this, nearly 1,800 tonnes of bananas could find safe passage into the state every day. In Lucknow alone, an average of 20 trucks over 240 tonne containing bananas are off loaded daily.

Banana serves as an ideal and low cost food source for developing countries where most of the population rely mostly on
bananas for food. Banana plant parts are useful as insecticide, antioxidant, colour absorber, in preparation of various functional
foods, wine, alcohol, biogas, cattle feed etc. This review discusses usefulness of banana fruits, peel, leaves, pseudostem, sheath,

For quite sometime now, Goa has been witnessing artificial ripening of bananas posing health hazard to the consumer. Hopefully this will be thing of the past, to a great extent, as the Goa State Horticultural Corporation has plans to set up state-of-the-art ripening facility.

Use of high-capacity pumps for irrigation is lowering the groundwater table across the country to dangerous levels, says BHAVDEEP KANG

Kolar (Jagraon): Banana was once considered an unviable crop in Punjab due to its climatic requirements. But that was in days of yore. Today, banana cultivation is spread over not less than 250 acres in the state. Though a high value crop, it was not being grown in Punjab till recently.

This study analysed genomic variation of the translation elongation factor 1α (TEF-1α) and the intergenic spacer region (IGS) of the nuclear ribosomal operon of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) isolates, from different banana production areas, representing strains within the known races, comprising 20 vegetative compatibility groups (VCG).

The diversification stride in the country

GOAL, a leading NGO of Golaghat district, in association with Horticulture dept of Assam Agriculture University (AAU), Jorhat organised several training programmes on banana cultivation at different places on the outskirts of Dergaon.After holding the programmes at Disoi, Danichapori, etc., the programme was organised at Dadhara Doingia gaon, Kakodonga and Handique gaon of Betioni recently.

The longest-running trade dispute of the modern era came to a close last night when parties from Europe, Latin America, the US, the Caribbean and Africa initialled a treaty in Geneva to end the so-called banana wars.