Acids of arsenic. Organo mercury compounds. Batteries. Bristles of boars or hogs. More potent stuff: asbestos; slag dross; ash and residues of incineration of municipal and other waste. Even more harmful: waste oil, black oil. Clinical waste. Plastic wast

Greenpeace campaigners on board their ship Rainbow Warrior, on a Corporate Accountability tour, get into a conflict with the Indian authorities.

Thanks to an alert sounded by activists, the Indian authorities could take timely action to prevent dumping of toxic waste. Pressure group Greenpeace had raised an alarm about the Norwegian ship

Manufacturers sign declaration at the Sixth Conference of Parties CoP 6 to the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal

Late reaction to toxic oil imports by state Pollution Control Board
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China imposes restrictions on electronic junk imports

The Basel convention guidelines to manage plastic waste miss the point: reducing plastics is the real solution

How industrialised countries tried to make Africa the biggest dumping destination

A decline in its funds and erosion in its mandate have made the United Nations Environment Programme virtually ineffective. Bharat H Desai looks at recent attempts to revitalise it

India is all set to receive a deadly cargo from USA