France's government will not repeal a planned ban of bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides, the prime minister's office said on Monday after the country's farm minister said it should not be applied

The forests in eastern Zimbabwe supply the country with wood and most of its fresh fruit.

All flowering plants sold by B&Q are to be grown without using pesticides that are harmful to bees, the retailer has announced.

Use of a common pesticide in spring could have an impact on wild bumblebees by interfering with their life cycle, a UK study suggests.

Pollinator-driven diversification is thought to be a major source of floral variation in plants. Our knowledge of this process is, however, limited to indirect assessments of evolutionary changes. Here, we employ experimental evolution with fast cycling Brassica rapa plants to demonstrate adaptive evolution driven by different pollinators. Our study shows pollinator-driven divergent selection as well as divergent evolution in plant traits. Plants pollinated by bumblebees evolved taller size and more fragrant flowers with increased ultraviolet reflection.

The U.S.

New research has added to the growing list of challenges facing the nation’s pollinators.

LONDON – Minnesota’s governor on Friday ordered the broadest restrictions yet in a U.S.

An overwhelming majority of the British public polled want new post-Brexit laws protecting wildlife and the countryside to be at least as strong as the EU rules currently in place, according to a o

Species that fed regularly on oil seed rape such as the buff tailed bumblebee showed more serious declines