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Delhi may draw favourable comparisons with Beijing with every smog attack, but the Chinese capital has beaten Delhi in addressing air pollution, a Greenpeace analysis released on Saturday said.

This report studies Beijing’s existing parking policies and systems and studies several parking locations, residential, commercial, office and mixed use areas, both on-street and off-street, documenting existing parking practices in Beijing.

Nearly 90% of China's big cities failed to meet air quality standards in 2014, but that was still an improvement on 2013 as the country's "war on pollution" began to take effect, the environment mi

Pollution levels soared in Beijing on Thursday to readings more than 20 times WHO recommended limits, as an annual bout of intense smog returned to haunt the Chinese capital despite government vows

For parents who live in the nine million-strong industrial city of Zhengzhou in China's central Henan province, dropping the children off at school is no longer a chore.

Ever wondered how poor is the air we are breathing? A comparison of cities across the globe reveals the capital's dismal condition.

Hyderabad: Particulate matter pollution has risen almost three times faster than previously expected in Hyderabad.

Smoke rises from chimneys and facilities of steel plants on a hazy day in Benxi, Liaoning province November 3, 2013.

In this study the researchers developed improved global exposure estimates of ambient PM2.5 mass and trend using PM2.5 concentrations inferred from multiple satellites.

Runners wear face masks to project against “hazardous” levels of air pollution during Beijing marathon.