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Facing similar challenges in dealing with rising pollution levels in their top cities, India and China on Tuesday released for the first time a joint report to address the issues of climate change,

New Delhi: Only 3% of enquires on a toll-free weather and air quality call service are on pollution levels.

Only three out of the 74 cities monitored by the government met a new air quality standard

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic said today it would give employees sent to China a wage premium to compensate for the country's hazardous air pollution, in a possible first for an international company.

China will tighten environmental legislation and force polluters to pay compensation following renewed blasts of toxic air, the country's top legislator said on Sunday.

Zhang Dejiang said in a report to the ceremonial legislature's annual session that businesses were responsible for the environmental damage they caused and must be held to account. He said legal revisions were being prepared, but offered no specifics.

China on Wednesday declared a war against chronic pollution choking the booming nation, allocating about $35 billion for environmental protection this year to combat toxic smog that frequently engu

The Delhi government has kept mum on dealing with severe air pollution in the city, likely to be as bad as Beijing’s.

BEIJING: The smog is so bad even the statues wear masks.

Localized air pollution, posing an environmental and health challenge, has been linked to the presence of 'heat islands' in Delhi — pockets which are significantly warmer than their surroundings.

6% reduction in duty makes the gas-guzzling vehicles cheaper

Environmental gains made over the past year seem to have gone up in smoke with the announcement of a cut in excise duty on sports utility vehicles (SUVs), the Centre for Science and Environment said on Monday.

Departments Sit On Draft While Air Quality Gets As Bad As Beijing’s; No Check On Emissions

There is now mounting evidence that Delhi’s air quality is comparable to, if not worse than, Beijing’s notoriously poor air quality. But, the second-generation action plan for Delhi’s pollution-—drafted to deal with the deteriorating air quality after CNG introduction—doesn’t seem to have been finalized almost two years after it was prepared. All the government departments are still to give their response, and seem to be in no hurry to finalize the plan.