European Union fisheries ministers hammered out a 2013 quota deal on Thursday which they said struck a compromise between protecting over-exploited stocks such as haddock and plaice and safeguardin

With a strong tradition of recycling and incinerating, it now has too many waste-to-energy incinerators and not enough rubbish to meet demand.

The EU plant health regime is no longer fit for purpose in preventing fatal plant diseases, says the Forestry Commission

European Union governments will probably reduce emissions outside the bloc’s carbon market by 8.8 per cent more than required under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, according to projections published today

PHS Datashred, a national paper and IT shredding business, has reduced its fuel usage by nearly 25% in the past three years - 20% beyond its original target.

During the week leading up to the Olympic Games, London experienced its worst ozone episode for six years.

The sensitivity of groundwater recharge to different climate conditions was simulated using the approach of climatic analogue stations, i.e. stations presently experiencing climatic conditions corresponding to a possible future climate state. The study was conducted in the context of a safety assessment of a future near-surface disposal facility for low and intermediate level short-lived radioactive waste in Belgium; this includes estimation of groundwater recharge for the next millennia.

The majority of planned nuclear power closures globally are forecast to take place in Europe, with 150 plants in line for closure by 2030.

The past quarter century has witnessed rapid advancement in the field of transplantation medicine. Various methods have been used which facilitate organ preservation, decrease organ rejection, improve organ matching, and, in general, augment the success rates of transplantation.

Britain's energy plans call for tapping Iceland's geothermal resources in a move that could rekindle talk of creating a "supergrid" for electricity linking the continent, UK, North Africa and Icela