Indapur (Pune): Jaising Nagre makes a living by fishing in the Ujjani dam backwaters in Indapur. Nagre, who is from the Bhoi community, says that in the last decade around 3,000 fishermen from other states have settled down around the Ujjani dam and have evicted the locals from plum fishing zones. There are around 6,000 local fishermen from the Bhoi community who fish in the river waters.

For people along the Bhima river in Maharashtra, illegal mining is an old story (see

People come to the Bhima river in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, to rejoice. They leave behind a drain Pandharpur, a pilgrim town on the banks of the Bhima river in Maharashtra, hosts four religious yatras every year. Over two million people take part in these yatras, which celebrate, among other things, four months (chatur maas) of Lord Vishnu