Leaked EU draft texts confirm expectations that the 27-member bloc is likely to seek to 'green' farm subsidy payments after 2013 by adding new rules on protecting the environment. Controversially, though, the drafts also reveal new plans to allow some countries to re-allocate more direct payments to the production of particular crops - reversing prior attempts to 'decouple' farm support from production and thus reduce the trade distortions that this support might cause.

Generating energy from crops instead of oil and coal can have counterproductive effects. “The use of biomass can lead to additional emissions of greenhouse gases”, says lead author Alexander Popp of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). “This is the case if forests get cut down to plant energy crops instead.” Forests are important CO2 sinks. At the same time, biomass is expected to play an important role in  future energy systems.


Proponents of biomass-based fuels push for sustainability against a steady tide of conflicting analysis, but can advanced biofuels cut the mustard?


The most controversial aspect of biofuels is the perceived competition for farmland. Will advances in biofuels and agriculture send this trade-off speeding towards the history books?


Shifting from corn to perennial crops in making biofuels is essential to save clean water, argues Jeremy Martin.


This report considers the ethical, social and policy issues raised by biofuels and sets out an ethical framework for both current and future biofuels production and makes a number of recommendations to policy makers.

A central challenge for sustainability is how to preserve forest ecosystems and the services that they provide us while enhancing food production. This challenge for developing countries confronts the force of economic globalization, which seeks cropland that is shrinking in availability and triggers deforestation.

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The Author in her article has given a round up of inter-relationships between Environment, Climate Change and Growth vis-a-vis development. Sustainable development issues, including the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN for the developing countries have been highlighted.

Jatropha is still being touted as a biofuel wonder crop. But there is evidence that jatropha does not deliver on its promises. This new report lists ten reasons why jatropha is neither a profitable nor a sustainable investment.