Land-use change to meet 21st-century demands for food, fuel, and fiber will depend on many interactive factors, including global policies limiting anthropogenic climate change and realized improvements in agricultural productivity.

Expanding croplands to meet the needs of a growing population, changing diets, and biofuel production comes at the cost of reduced carbon stocks in natural vegetation and soils. Here, we present a spatially explicit global analysis of tradeoffs between carbon stocks and current crop yields. The difference among regions is striking.

Viveat Susan Pinto & Dilip Kumar Jha / Mumbai July 13, 2010, 0:37 IST


LAND IS life. It is the basis of livelihoods for peasants and indigenous people across the Third World and is also becoming the most vital asset in the global economy. As the resource demands of globalisation increase, land has emerged as a key site of conflict.

IJCCI to work in tandem to tackle global warming, climate management

CHENNAI: Japanese firms are coming to India to set up bio-fuel plants and others will collaborate with Indian firms in the area of sustainable energy development, said Kazuo Minagawa, Japan Counsel General in Chennai on Friday.

Japanese firm's India arm to set up biofuel plant.

R. Balaji

Allied Carbon Solutions of Japan, a biofuel company with a multinational presence, has launched a contract farming programme for jatropha cultivation in South India.

This report looks at the impact of India

Pune An armed forces study has shown that children are susceptible to jatropha poisoning if they ingest the seeds of the plant. Specialists from the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology at Command Hospital Pune and Military Hospital at Ahmednagar conducted the study that was reported in the January issue of the Medical Journal of Armed Forces of India.

Jairam Ramesh Biofuels have a limited role in India due to land limitation and food security issues, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said today, a view which differs from the official line pushing for a 20 per cent blend of such fuel in gasoline and diesel by 2017.