The A.P. Pollution Control Board (APPCB), rejecting the Consent for Operation (CFO) of Biomax Fuels Ltd., Duvvada, served ‘Stop Production’ order on it late on Wednesday night.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has proposed to shift its diesel cars and other vehicles in India to the environment friendly biodiesel.

Instead of reducing levels of pollution, the use of biodiesel in transport will increase emissions by 4% - the same as putting an extra 12 million cars on the road in 2020 - green campaigners have

Using the so-called green biodiesel for transport was supposed to cut down CO2 emissions but could increase Europe's overall transport emissions by nearly 4%, according to a new EU study.

The injection timing variation has a robust effect on emission formation in direct combustion diesel engine with thermal barrier coating. The piston head and cylinder were coated with Zirconium at 40 micron thickness. Low Heat Rejection (LHR) engine has high heat with standing capacity inside the combustion chamber, so the in-cylinder temperature is very high in part load and full load condition, which leads to increase the NOX emission.

Standing Committee on Petroleum & Natural Gas present this Eleventh Report on Action Taken by the Government on the recommendations contained in the Seventh Report (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) of the Committee on the subject 'Ethanol Blended Petrol and Bio-Diesel Policy' of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas‟.

The European Commission published a study by Ecofys, IIASA and E4tech that quantifies the land use change impact of biofuels consumed in the EU. Biofuels are promoted as an option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

UNCTAD's first report on the state of biofuel technologies in 2007 highlighted a sector with great potential, but at the time that was a long way off from markets.

The move will decrease pollution and encourage a diversion in the sugar industry’s output away from sugar and towards ethanol

This study, commissioned by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), offers an assessment of the effect of bioenergy on greenhouse gas emissions.