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IF THE terms of the implementation of the biodiversity convention are to be decided by more than a handful of influential governments, the participation of non-government organisations (NGOs) is

India doubts the ability of the British to understand the complexity of Indian ecosystems and suggest measures for their conservation.

Poisonous bird

US President George Bush's refusal to sign the biodiversity treaty has failed to please those whom he claims to be protecting: the biotech community. Although Genentech chief executive officer G

GEORGE Monbiot's book, for which he risked his life, is a delightfully lucid piece of serious investigative journalism on the ecological destruction of the Amazon, which he describes as

Biodiversity - the billions of life forms that exist on earth - ranges in size from microscopic be viruses to blue whales that are more than 30 metres long. Conserving biodiversity humankind"s greatest challenge.

Urban pressures are threatening to destroy the lesser known of Kathmandu's historical structures

Complex systems of preserving biodiversity, evolved over centuries, have not saved traditional communities living in bio rich areas like India from poverty. Only if India starts patenting its germplasm can it compensate those of its communities which have

• Half the world's 6,000 languages will die out in the next 75 to 100 years. • Harvard biologist Edward Wilson estimates that nearly 140 species become extinct very day. • The

IN GLOBAL terms, existing species are estimated at between five and 30 million. Of these, only 1.4 million have been identified, of which 750,000 are insects, 40,000 invertebrates, 250,000 plants and