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Decline in the orchid population of Sikkim

Impact of tourism on Sikkim s environment

Biotech companies and the World Trade Organisation took centrestage at the fourth conference on biological diversity, leaving traditional communities to fend for themselves

at least one out of every eight known plant species on the Earth is threatened with exinction or nearly extinct, says the first international survey of plant diversity. Sixteen organisations

A drop in the number of pollinating agents in an ecosystem can snowball into serious consequences for biodiversity

The government must undertake a serious study of human nature interaction before declaring any area a national park

Environmentalists succeed in thwarting the Army s move to construct a firing range

Development threatens the world s largest floating park situated in Manipur

THE book is a compilation of 42 papers contributed by social, physical and environment scientists who are working with issues that confront the Himalayas. The first three papers deal with the

environmentalist and advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme (unep), Rashmi Mayur, has warned of complete degradation in the sub-continent's ecology in the near future. Specifically,