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A custom of community forest protection, started in 1832 by the Raja of Alwar, is making a comeback

THE CONVENTION on biological diversity, which was signed by 167 nations, came into force on December 29, 1993, with only 37 countries having ratified it. Many countries that have signed are in the

SUSTAINABLILITY has both its preachers and practitioners. Despite their intellectual self-righteousness, biodiversity conservation promoted by the first group is still largely informed by an economic

FIVE YEARS ago, the social forestry department in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra cleared several trees from a forest near Nandivse village to plant acacia trees. It did not know that the 4-ha patch was a sacred grove surrounding the temple of a powerful local deity, Kal Bhairon. The villagers, too, joined in because they were paid for the felling and planting.

THE CORDILLERA People's Alliance (CPA), a grouping of 120 indigenous people's organisations in northern Philippines, has called for a halt to the Human Genome Diversity Project. The project has

The Union environment minister says that a comprehensive bill to protect India"s biodiversity is on the anvil. But whether it can be a timely, effective measure that give farmers and tribals right over their biological knowledge, remains to be seen.

"The future of human civilisation could depend on our ability to defend and make sustainable use of biological diversity," he adds. FAO recently published a document on the current threats to the world's biodiversity. Highlights from the report:

ECONOMIC demands are nullifying the efforts of the World Wide Fund for Nature, which is trying to save the rich biological diversity of the Sulieman mountain range in Pakistan. The Chilghoza pines

Restrictions on use of natural resources in protected areas are driving the local communities dependent on forest produce for their survival to a state of deprivation. Conservation strategies can be sustainable only when it involves indigenous people in t

A recent meeting on biological diversity failed to establish ground rules for implementation, as the participating nations were totally unwilling to yield.