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Replacement and alteration of defective genes is a milestone in gene therapy

Conservation policies practised in the developing world need to tread cautiously on territories which had for generations, belonged to the people, says a statement by the Centre for Science and Environment

Ecologist N V C Polunin argues that protected areas are an extreme form of conservation, and that other forms of regulated area management may be more appropriate for the management needs of local

• Produce a white paper on the status of wildlife in the country, which also evaluates the current conservation policies and their effectiveness. • Reassess the Wildlife

City based perceptions of forest areas have resulted in an overgrowth of wrong categories

Preserving all forms of life holds for a more promising eco future

Beyond the Thar's austere barrenes, a battle of survival rages between the region's treasure trove of floral diversity and marauders like humans, animals and weather

Muynak, which once lay on the coast of the Aral Sea nearly 70 km away from it. And since there is no road salty, toxic desert that has replaced the former seabed, it is no difficult to reach the

Since it is apparently de rigeur for every reviewer to begin with a criticism, it will be best to follow PeoL What could be Wamcbmt than the that the book Mrately the reader? Altho MIS

International law is heading rapidly towards protecting the environment; it will gradually replace the initiative taken by national governments to base such laws on national public opinion. Between