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THE world is a smaller place today; a Disneyland in France and Chinese heavy metal bands no longer raise eyebrows. Yet, vast differences also exist as industrialised countries continue to yoke poorer

THE endangered lion-tailed macaque has become the mascot of the environmental agitation against the Sharavathy Tail Race Hydroelectric Project in Karnataka. Concerned about its negative impact on

OVERTURNING age-old fears, free trade is now being seen as the market miracle that will bail out the earth from the environmental mess it finds itself in; free trade is expected to bring about the

Schoolchildren in Uttar Pradesh delighted themselves collecting leaves and plants for a unique biodiversity competition

MANOJ Kumar, the son of a brick kiln worker, shows the perspicacity of one much older than his 14 years. He not only won both the biodiversity competitions held at Gangagarh, he also topped his class. Manoj spoke to Down To Earth about his motivations and

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has been charged with disturbing the flora and fauna in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Goregaon near the Film City for a proposed conservation education

A plan to protect the biodiversity of Thailand's forests ignores the needs of forest dwellers

The ministry of environment and forests" plan to conserve biodiversity excludes the people.

A custom of community forest protection, started in 1832 by the Raja of Alwar, is making a comeback

THE CONVENTION on biological diversity, which was signed by 167 nations, came into force on December 29, 1993, with only 37 countries having ratified it. Many countries that have signed are in the