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Issues in which the economic interests of industrialised countries coincide with their ecological interests are acceptable in the UN; the rest is usually a sham

Yet another controversial move by our environment and forests ministry could ring the death knell for India's biodiversity

PATTERNS of the Wild was screened at the India International Centre in New Delhi on February 24, 1996. It is a documentary on the primal theme of the preservation of wildlife and biodiversity.

A new method to conserve biodiversity views the problem from the point of view of an entire landscape instead of a single species

The basilisk lizard -found in the tropical rainforests of Central America -can perform an amazing feat: it can run on water. Harvard biologists Jim Glasheen and ThomasMcMahon recently

In order to take crucial decisions on germplasm access and management, an honest accounting of the geopolitics of 'where does it come from' is needed. With 75 per cent of the ex situ collections,

'Species 2000' is the latest UN/World Bank venture to take an integrated look at the world's biodiversity. The current tally puts the total number of plants, animals, fungi and

The Darwinian theory on biodiversity which advocates the planting of more species of grass to achieve higher yields, has been upheld by a recent study conducted in the US. Indeed, the well being of the ecosystem hinges on the vicissitude displayed by its

The Royal-Bardia National Park in Nepal is poised to prove to the world that biodiversity is best protected when the people are made responsible for it. The country representative of the World

The Andaman & Nicobar islands (A&N) -literally "treasured Islands" - have enticed many gold- diggers, but this time, a no-profit project is on here. Aiming to enrich the islanders'