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Commercial exploitation is virtually destroying biodiversity

The environment ministry is belatedly setting priorities right for procuring GEF's green bundles

Internal pressures weakened India's stand on funding at the Conference of Parties on Biodiversity Convention held in Nassau in November

It's not time yet to write the obituary of urban biodiversity. A recent study by Czech ecologist Pavel Pysek reveals that European cities host a large number of wild plants. Berlin tops the list with

The Clinton government is impatient as the Senate continues blocking the ratification of the Biodiversity Treaty. The treaty, a product of the 1992 Earth Summit, aims at protecting all plant and

EVEN as debate on conservation of biodiversity gathers momentum, tropical forests which account for between 40 to 90 per cent of the world's biodiversity, seem to be fighting a losing battle against

Certain plant and animal species are being used as "early warning systems" for pollution

A recent report on the Narmada Sagar and Omkareshwar projects raises fears of the loss of biodiversity in the region

THIS is the 6th in the World Resources series -- which provides information on environment and development -- and has a special focus on people and the environment. These chapters deal with natural

A group of leading agricultural scientists in the country has called for the patenting of plant and animal biodiversity to be emphasised in order to ensure the introduction of an effective germplasm