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A recent meeting on biological diversity failed to establish ground rules for implementation, as the participating nations were totally unwilling to yield.

New thinking on forestry management calls for reducing the emphasis on sustainable timber production and concentrating instead on the protection of countries' ecosystems.

ANALYSIS of satellite imagery publicised in June has cheered environmentalists because it shows Brazil's Amazon forests are being cleared at a much slower rate than had been widely estimated.

The rediscovery of the value of wetlands the world over will be short lived if they are not properly managed and conserved

The public debate between Dutch environment minister Hans Alders and Sunita Narain of the Centre for Science and Environment, covering a whole variety of global environmental issues, including the forest convention and the climate convention, turned into

While NGOs voice their concern at USA's interpretative version of the Biodiversity Convention, Germany has indirectly extended its support.

There are many clauses in the Biodiversity Convention on which the US and the developing world differ:

SEVERAL writers have made a name for themselves by publishing dire warnings to developing countries of the dangers posed by new technology from the West. Many wind up exaggerating and making

As it comes under increasing scrutiny, the biodiversity convention signed last year is proving to be neither good nor bad just uncertain. Key questions still remain unresolved.

IF THE terms of the implementation of the biodiversity convention are to be decided by more than a handful of influential governments, the participation of non-government organisations (NGOs) is