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A statement presented by southern NGOs in Rio

For many southern groups, the greater cause at Rio was to align with their governments against the West's "green imperialism"

A few northern groups proposed the setting up of a World Commission on Forests. Fortunately, the idea didn't go too far

Influential northern NGOs joined hands to demand a "comprehensive strategy" on forests

The UNCED deliberations have to be viewed in the context of northern attempts to maintain hegemony over the rest of the world

The save the planet bazaar does not deserve to be taken seriously

Who should benefit from biotechnology? The South, where the genes originate, or the North, with its massive gene banks? Commercial interests carried the day

THE BIODIVERSITY treaty which was finalised last fortnight has been hailed as a major victory for the South. As the US and France have both pulled out of the treaty, calling it fundamentally

The mother of all summits grabbed a good deal of telecast time recently

An offer of desi ber by a village lad came as a sharp comment on the global politics of biodiversity