The European Union has agreed rough deals on promoting renewable energy, but talks remain deadlocked over the controversial issue of biofuels, the European Parliament's lead negotiator said.
"Nearly 100 pages of the report are done and three pages are not done, but those three pages are the most politically difficult," Luxembourg Green group member Claude Turmes told Reuters late on Thursday.

Extensive analysis has been done in recent years on the technological, environmental and social aspects of biofuel production and trade. This paper aims to provide a succinct

Crop residues like wheat straw and corn stover

Biomass is of recent origin and ranges from algae, shrubs to trees. Dedicated biomass crops are fast growing trees/shrubs and grown in degraded land with lowered inputs.

It is not often that an issue approved by the Cabinet, after having been vetted by a group of ministers (GoM), is sent back to the GoM for review. But such has been the fate, for understandable reasons, of the national policy on bio-fuels which was formally okayed by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in September.

A reddish microbes found in the rainforests of Patagonia could unlock the biofuel of the future, say scientists. Its potential Is so starting that the discoverers have coined the term

Biofuels are being touted as a solution to rising fuel prices, growing energy demands, and the need to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. Governments have good reasons for promoting biofuels. Yet, a headlong rush into growing biofuel crops will bring its own problems.

This study comprehensively summarises the current status of transport biofuels and related technologies in the Australian context, to provide input to formulation of government policy development and to assist in guiding future research priorities.

Renewable energy offers the planet a chance to reduce carbon emissions, clean the air, and put the civilization on a more sustainable footing. It also offers countries around the world the chance to improve their energy security and spur economic development.

biological sciences Water bears in space Life for a certain kind of tiny invertebrates is possible in space. About 1.5 mm long water bears were found to survive there, a European Space Agency (esa) experiment showed. This makes the eight-legged invertebrates, also called tardigrade, the first animals known to survive the harsh combination of low pressure and intense radiation.