The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has found holes in implementation of Haryana's ambitious livestock breeding policy for genetic upgradation of indigenous cattle.

SIVASAGAR: The Panidihing Reserve Forest which spread over 33.9 Sq km in Demow Circle of Sivasagar District was illegally occupied by the encroachers like cow and buffalo rearers and fishermen sinc

A wildlife survey for the critically endangered Malabar Civet has led to the “first authenticated sighting” of an adult tigress near Athirumala, between Neyyar and Peppara wildlife reserves, almost 60 km northeast of the capital city.

P.K. Jayakumar Sharma, Wildlife Warden, Neyyar, said wildlife researcher A. Mathews Nixon Armstrong had on January 24 set up a camera trap deep inside the moist deciduous lowland forests of the Western Ghats to spot the elusive civet.

There's a solution to the continent's rampant fires and feral animals, says David Bowman — introduce large mammals and increase hunting pressure.

The Bangalore-based Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PDADMAS) has developed a Web-based interactive software to predict livestock diseases two months in advance in

Wild water buffaloes (Bubalus arnee) are categorized as endangered on the IUCN Red List. With a global population of less than 4,000, the species has a very limited distribution spanning over less than 20,000 km² in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Bhutan. In Nepal, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve was designated for wild Asian buffalo; this reserve contains approximately 219 individuals, although there is no precise information on the number of pure-bred wild buffalo. 

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Former Tamil Nadu Governor and Union Agriculture Minister, Surjeet Singh Barnala today called upon 10 dairy scientists to ensure that the research in the dairy sector was transferred to farmers, wh

Cameroon and Chad have signed an accord to ramp up efforts to fight poachers who kill hundreds of elephants a year in a protected park on their common border, ministers from both nations said.

On Tuesday in a ceremony in Rome, the United Nations is officially declaring that for only the second time in history, a disease has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Everyone has heard of smallpox. Very few have heard of the runner-up.


GURGAON: The per capita availability of milk in Haryana has increased to 680 grams per day as compared to the national average of 258 grams.