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THE unfortunate incident of the boy who fell to his death from the terrace of his apartment, after being scared by a pet dog at the Indian Airlines staff quarters recently, brings into focus the need for proper parapet walls in all flats in the city.

The Bureau of Indian Standards is planning to come out with a new set of rules for construction of tall buildings. This will help officials and infrastructure companies, which are aiming to construct high-rise buildings in many metro cities including Hyderabad. At present, there are no specific rules to guide builders who are taking up mega projects. The BIS has constituted a highlevel committee consisting of seven experts to frame the rules. It is headed by the engineering expert, Aravind Srivastava.

As a reactionary measure to mushrooming unauthorised constructions in the Capital, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has launched a software for detecting and monitoring such constructions and encroa

latest data on constructions in the Coastal Regulatory Zone (crz)- iii in Goa show that the number of structures in the coastal villages of Goa has almost doubled in the past 15 years. During

You can save money, electricity and get piping hot water for your home with a solar water heater.

Draft minutes of the meeting on Lavasa Hill Station Project held on 14th July 2007.

The objective of this assignment is to develop an Area Based Energy Service Company (ESCO) Model for Solar Water Heating (SWH) and to assess the potential of Carbon
Financing in order to achieve scale in SWH development in the country. In the recent years, India has witnessed considerable progress in SWH development. A total of 3.53 million sq. m.

The Bombay high court on Monday dismissed some leading developers' petitions challenging the stop-work notice issued to them by the BMC for constructing flats on private forest land in blatant viola