Construction debris is the biggest cause of dust pollution in Bangalore.

Though the government has taken several measures to check illegal mining of sand and gravel in different parts of the state, stopping it completely is a challenge.

To counter the increasing incidents of illegal mining for sand and gravel and their smuggling to Punjab and Haryana, the hill state is gearing up to check it by strengthening the hands of the Minin

In June, last year, following heavy rains, the Khiron Ganga river, a tributary of the Alaknanda, rushed through the Alaknanda Valley and filled the barrage site of Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited

A large number of professionals, students in Delhi and Gurgaon are taking to bicycles to commute short distances. They do it to stay fit and for recreation.

NOIDA: The state irrigation department in Meerut has prepared an exhaustive plan for removal of construction debris from the Yamuna and its banks and to stop further dumping.

Pauri district magistrate Chandra Shekhar Bhatt instructed the Superintendent of Police, sub divisional magistrate, Garhwal divisional forest officer, executive officer of the Pauri municipality an

Navi Mumbai: The hill reservoir site in Nerul that boasted of beautiful trees, birds and wildlife species has become a dumping ground of waste products.

Activists alleged that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is behind this dumping of debris. They said though they had complained repeatedly to the authorities, it wasn't addressed. Then one day they were shocked to find an NMMC vehicle unloading debris at the site.

Illegal dumping at the Suketi khud on the outskirts of the town is going on unabated for the past few days. Debris and mud can be seen on the banks of the Suketi khud.

May-end has been set as the deadline for finishing the task of desilting drains and clearing construction debris.

DMRC told to clear all its sites of construction debris