environmental sciences Foster care The large blue butterfly, Maculinea arion, knows how to fool ants into raising their caterpillars. But when the ant, Myrmica sabuleti, disappear there survival is at stake, a study has shown. The butterfly lays eggs on thyme flowers and the caterpillars fall on the ground after hatching. Thanks to a chemical caterpillars secrete, ants mistake them for

AHMEDABAD: Chasing colourful butterflies in the concrete jungle of Ahmedabad may seem far-fetched. But come November, and this dream will turn into reality in nearby Gandhinagar. Except, you won't be allowed to catch these flying fairies.

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NEW DELHI: Considered one of the greenest Capitals globally, Delhi is adding more greens and a smattering of colour to its existing biodiversity. The Delhi Government has roped in the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, to create a bambusetum (an assortment of bamboo species), an arboretum (a collection of trees) and a butterfly park in the city.

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VISAKHAPATNAM: Butterflies - the name that instantly evokes aesthetically exciting and romantically thrilling emotions and which play an important role in contributing to the health of ecosystem, have an interesting

A Ukraine tourist and his Sri Lankan guide were taken into custody by Wildlife Conservation officials in Minneriya for allegedly collecting butterflies and several species of other insects endemic to Sri Lanka.

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FlutterBy: European butterflies might face extinction if global temperatures continue to rise as predicted over the next 70 years, a new study said. In the worst-case scenario, 95 per cent of the land will become too warm for 70 butterfly species if the average temperatures rise by 4.1o C by 2080. Even the migration of these colourful insects to the north to cooler climes might be hindered by

KOKRAJHAR, Dec 19: Hundreds of butterflies of different varieties are being killed due to vehicular movement at Bismuri-Sarpang (Bhutan) Road daily, which pass through the thick Chirang Reserve Forest in Kokrajhar district, but no measures has been adopted to protect the varied species of butterflies.

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* The Eastern Himalayas and Western Ghats are prime hunting grounds for smugglers of rare Indian butterflies and beetles
* They're in demand internationally for private collections, butterfly parks, traditional medicine, and also to be encased into jewellery