Raktima Bose

KOLKATA: Frequent spotting of jackals and dogs on the runway of the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport by pilots during landing has prompted the Airports Authority of India (AAI) here to seek the assistance of the State's wildlife officials in controlling the menace.

The growth of Indian cities is chaotic at best It is a migration that is unstoppable. throughout Asia, including India, the wave of people moving to cities will only swell as years go by.

Bleeding Fatik Braved 12-Hour Journey Back From Sunderbans Arnab Ganguly | TNN Kolkata: For a split second Fatik Haldar didn't know what had hit him. It was a sudden, searing pain. His feet were stuck in the mud, in four feet of water in a river near Benifeli forest in Sunderbans. Dropping his fishing net, he screamed in agony as four pairs of canines

In which we attempt to assess what average Indians living in big cities think about India's environment, and to gauge their levels of awareness, attitudes, perception and concerns Methodology

The objective of this document is to specify suitable requirements and procedures for carrying out monitoring of ambient noise levels around airports due to aircrafts. A proper database is essential for planning and executing suitable noise control programme for airports in the country.

An effective vaccine against cholera has been used for public health purposes in Vietnam since the 1990s. This vaccine was reformulated to meet WHO requirements. The researchers assessed the safety and immunogenicity of the reformulated bivalent (Vibrio cholerae 01 and 0139) killed whole cell oral vaccine in a cholera endemic area in Kolkata, India.

The newly introduced bus rapid transit (BRT) system on a single 11-km stretch in Delhi has had a baptism by fire and just about survived. Although five corridors are planned as a first step, it is quite uncertain if the idea will eventually live and grow in practice. So those who feel that a key route to better cities is to have dedicated bus lanes to make bus travel more attractive and popular, see a long hard struggle ahead of themselves.

Spread over 140 sq km, East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) is the kidney of Calcutta. Listed as a Ramsar site (an international convention on conserving wetlands), it is a mosaic of ponds, lakes, canals and swamps

The pavements are choked with hawkers and the air is toxic

A study of automobile pollution in Kolkata has been made using CALINE 4 model. This model was selected as it offered several advantages over other models. It has been first used as the base model to develop the correction factors for the application of this model for the city of Kolkata, and then the modified model with the correction factors has been validated. Carbon Monoxide was chosen for the model because it is principally emitted from vehicular sources and daily background concentration data of this gas were available for a year for comparative studies.