It's a bit hard to tell exactly what this new species is. Discovered in Cambodia's Cadamom Mountains, the slimy, stringy creature could easily be mistaken for a big worm or even a snake.

A legless amphibian never before recorded by scientists has been discovered in the Cardamom Mountains, according to an international conservation NGO that helped to uncover the unusual creature.

Newly released maps using U.S. satellite data show that Cambodia continued to suffer major deforestation in 2013, much of it in nominally protected forests and wildlife sanctuaries.

AT least 212 villagers have been infected with HIV in a remote Roka commune in northwest Cambodia's Battambang province, the Cambodian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) joi

The overall aim of the Economics of Sanitation Initiative (ESI) is to promote evidence-based decision making to increase the volume, effectiveness, and sustainability of sanitation expenditure.

Improving nutritional status, including micronutrient status, can lead to increased productivity, increased child survival and growth and reduced maternal morbidity and mortality. Home gardening activities are centered on women and it can also increase the income of women, which may result in the better use of household resources and improved caring practices and empowerment. Thus, the simultaneous impact of home gardening programmes in terms of giving women a voice and promoting their full

Akay Flavours & Aromatics, one of the leading Indian spice producers will receive Asian Development Bank (ADB) assistance of $16.5 million to expand its business, invest in climate-resilient f

This paper complements the other papers in the Lancet Series on midwifery by documenting the experience of low-income and middle-income countries that deployed midwives as one of the core constituents of their strategy to improve maternal and newborn health. It examines the constellation of various diverse health-system strengthening interventions deployed by Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Morocco, among which the scaling up of the pre-service education of midwives was only one element.

Some 140 tiger experts and government officials from 20 countries met in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Sunday to review progress towards an ambitious goal of doubling their number in the wild by

At least 45 people in Cambodia have died and thousands of families have been evacuated from homes to higher grounds in floods caused by monsoon rains and rivers overflowing their banks, a senior of