A GROUP Of Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboragtory In the us have come up with a unique strategy to Pee the carbon dim (Cod gas emans from fuel-burning plants - report responsible

Economist Klaus W Lippold is the chairperson of the Commission for Protection of the Earth's Atmosphere. As a member of the German Parliament since 1983, he is on the committees on Economic and Environmental Affairs, besides being a member of the board of

A group of chemists in Switzerland has devised a way to convert Ramospheric carbon dioxide - the main greenhouse gas - into fuel (New Scientist Vol 146, No 1971). The scientists first blew

The government can truly be proud that it played a big role in the outcome of the recent Berlin climate convention. Its record, however, was not an entirely unbesmirched one. Indian officials, goaded

How good are the North's offers of joint implementation programmes with the South to cut the latter's carbon dioxide emissions?

India passes back the buck to industrialised nations as wranglings over the Climate Change protocol continue

THE industrialised countries are back to their pre-Rio game of chess. They imposed their narcissistic environmental agenda on the economically atremble South by virtually bamboozling it into signing

Is the desire for a cleaner environment a mere faddish concern? Some Dutch wisdom goes sour during a recent greenhouse debate

The European Commission's (EC) attempt to devise a common carbon energy tax has fallen apart. At a meeting in Brussels in mid-December 1994, European environment ministers gave their assent to the

Municipalities in the Netherlands are exerting pressure on the national government to reduce carbon dioxide emission by half by AD 2010