Standing forests are the most important territorial reservoirs to CO2. Reforestry and afforestry CDM projects are the means to sequester carbon. Himachal Pradesh and Haryana are the examples.

Carbon capture and sequestration through forests can play an important role in reducing India's GHG emissions, as consumption of fossil fuels is unlikely to slow down given India's reliance on coal power and other non renewable sources. Land use and forest enhancement strategy can provide a significant climate change mitigation option for India.

Human activity is causing irreversible harm to the climate system and environment. The Kyoto Protocol is only a good starting point to raise the awareness of climate change.

There has been considerable research into the critical role that
forests play in regulating climate. There is also a growing body
of evidence pointing to the significant negative impacts that
climate change itself is likely to have on forests, especially in
relation to the way that forests interact with the planet

An international body has for the first time placed restrictions on experiments designed to fertilize large swaths of the world's oceans with a view to combating global warming.

At geological time scales, the role of continental erosion in the organic carbon (OC) cycle is determined by the balance between recent OC burial and petrogenic OC oxidation. Evaluating its net effect on the concentration of carbon dioxide and dioxygen in the atmosphere requires the fate of petrogenic OC to be assessed.

The role of forests in absorbing atmospheric carbon has been recognized under the Kyoto Protocol, which allows signatory countries to use forests as a mitigation option. Although several studies have estimated carbon stock changes in Japanese forests, most only estimate changes up to 1995 or ignore carbon stock changes in natural forests.

Roofs and pavements

Suita Narain argues for a more logical and democratic answer to the world

The world needs to adopt the concept of equal per capita entitlements for greenhouse gas emissions.