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MUMBAI: Bumper-to-bumper traffic in Mumbai is not only pushing up citizens' frustration levels, it is also increasing vehicular emissions on key routes in the city by 33% to 75% during peak traffic

Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna on Thursday called a meeting of all stakeholders to draw a consensus on “substantially increasing” parking charges in the city in a bid to reduce congestion in t

The Tamil Nadu Government has finalised plans to construct bridges and subways at a total cost of Rs 231.68 crore to tackle traffic congestion in the suburbs.

On World Environment Day, this report card from Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) warns that Delhi's air pollution and congestion crisis will worsen this decade if urgent action is not taken and calls for radical improvements in public transport.

New Delhi: For the past one week, shoppers at the Sarojini Nagar market are having a hard time parking their vehicles.

CSE releases findings on parking in Sarojini Nagar and the lessons from it. Says without a clear strategy, expensive parking structures can neither reduce parking chaos nor parking demand. CSE survey shows car users will shift to other modes of transport only if they are forced to pay three times more parking charges.

The Centre for Science and Environment that has been advocating urgent parking reforms to reduce personal vehicle usage to cut congestion and pollution welcomes the new proposal of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to hike parking charges substantially in the city as a step towards further reform.

Parking policy for the city will be the major determinant of the fate of central areas, CBD or the downtown.

The objective of the parking parking policy are: To encourage the people to use the public transport system by giving preferential treatment to public transport over motorized individual modes; To reduce the traffic congestion on roads; To reduce the people to obey the traffic rules and park the vehicles only on the places earmarked for the park

The international conference organized by CSE in New Delhi on August 17, 2011 called for a parking strategy for better management that can control traffic chaos as well as dampen parking demand & car usage.