Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of State of Karnataka Vs State of Tamil Nadu & Others dated 21/03/2017 regarding Cauvery water dispute. The basic prayer in these interlocutory applications is that the State of Kerala should not utilize the water more than that has been allocated to it by the award under challenge and also to stop certain constructions (check dams).

The Cabinet on Wednesday gave in-principle approval for implementing the long-pending Mekedatu multipurpose project utilising the Cauvery river water at a cost of Rs 5,912 crore.

The protest of Tamils against the ban on Jallikattu is a trigger. The pent-up anger against the successive policies of the central government and corporate encroachment of resources is the main cause of massive turnout in the protests. The protests displayed the limits of the Hindu right’s attempts to make inroads into the state’s politics by valorising Tamil language and culture. The protests indicate a continuity of Tamil politics with renewed strength through social media activism.

The Supreme Court asked Karnataka to continue releasing 2000 cusecs of Cauvery water to neighbouring State of Tamil Nadu while posting appeals filed by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala against the

Several parts of the state are already facing severe drinking water scarcity which could worsen in the days to come.

CHENNAI: Just words are not enough, Union government should officially annul methane and shale gas projects in the Cauvery delta as a policy decision.

The need of the hour is ecological management of rivers looking at them as living, dynamic systems which needs to be people centric

Experts call for appropriate pricing of water in cities to prevent wastage

Mandya: The water level at the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) reservoir has fallen to an alarming 76.9ft against a capacity of 124.80ft.

Farmers’ representatives across the State will launch a six-day campaign for constituting the Cauvery Management Board from November 5 to 10. Addressing the media here on Friday, P.R.