Water is one of the most important precious natural resources required essentially for the survival and health of living organisms. Tungabhadra River is an important tributary of Krishna. It has a drainage area of 71,417 sq km out of which 57,671 sq. km area lies in the state of Karnataka. The study was conducted to measure its
various physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters including levels of algal community. Pollution in water bodies may indicate the environment of algal

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zonal Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Surya Kumar Saboo Vs. M/s Shree Mishthan Bhandar & Ors. dated 20/01/2015 regarding manufacturing of sweets and namkeen and other food materials on a mass scale on House No. 49 & 50, Amar Singh Marg, Freeganj, Ujjain thereby causing pollution which resulted nuisance to the local residents.

Goa is a famous International tourist destination and attracts around 2 million tourists annually. Tourism is generally limited along the coastal belt of Goa, while mining is more focused in the midland of Goa. The groundwater in the State is mainly used for drinking and industrial purposes followed by agriculture to some extent. The open cast iron ore mining in Goa had induced significant changes in groundwater quality and quantity. The objective of the present study was to assess the impact of mining activities on the qualitative scenario of ground water in the study area.

The present study has been undertaken to evaluate the performance of wastewater treatment systems (WWTS) in three different districts (Kolkata, Howra and Hugli) in West Bengal, India. Performance of these wastewater treatment plants are essential parameter to be monitored as the treated effluent is discharged into River Ganga which is the National River of India. The performance evaluation will also help for the better understanding of design and operating difficulties in wastewater treatment plants.

Allahabad And Varanasi Among The Chosen Districts

In the forest on both sides of Tughlaqabad Fort’s southern outer wall, a lake has slowly materialised over the past two years. Leafless tree-trunks jut out at odd angles from the poisonous water.

The state government has achieved little success to cut pollution that emanates from immersion of idols during the festive seasons, said environmentalists and river experts in the city.

KOLKATA: The Eastern Zone Bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) to close down three units in Ganganagar in North 24-Parganas that w

China is on track to exceed its 2014 target for cutting water pollution, the government announced on Wednesday, amid reports that it plans a $326 billion action plan to clean up its rivers and lake

The main objective of the present study was to evaluate the status of pollution in Pali caused by textile industries, as Pali is an important industrial area of Rajasthan where a number of textile industries are active.